Spelling Words

We will have 14 words.
This list may very from agenda. When in doubt look to agenda.

September 3
sat, ran, jam, bag, map, can, and, that, was, have
 knew, know, friend, family

September 10
red wet leg let men tell yes end help went
would, should, water, air

September 17
big hid sit win fix if his him will into
write, wrote, 

September 24 and Oct 2
  God on of  not got dog job to  two too make bake take

October 9
cup jug rub cut fun but us one put picture
 Thanksgiving, celebration, 

October 16
mad pen rip pot rug this want animal get has
month year 

October 21
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zero
hundred, thousand, Halloween, 

Oct 29
fun, run, bun, book, look, took, make, bake, lake, growing, pattern, core, attribute, shrinking

November 25

my, how, did, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 
dime, quarter, 

November 11 and November 18
day play say  stay are our same take  said poppy soldier
Remembrance Day, hold, held

December 10
are our elf shelf Mary Jesus Joseph manger baby stable grid would should could axis coordinate 

December 3
or make bake cake pink shape purple pentagon square triangle Advent wreath

December 17

star, far, bar, made, fade, circle, water, hexagon, trapezoid, side, corner
Christmas, holiday

January 6
our, or, of, off, but, shut, because, beautiful, star, Christ, stable, Mary, Joseph

January 15 2017

we, see, than, their, they, some, come, where, edges, vertices, faces, symmetry, same

January 21

he's, she's, I'll, we'd, he'd, she'd, use, us, him, her, cube sphere

January 28

isn't, didn't, can't, sent, cent, rent, dent, bent, time, on, prism, pyramid

February 3
  eat, beat, meat, meet, other, no, know, off, look, book, of, gas, liquid, solid

 Feb 19

will, chill, hill, still, they, what, who, there, their,hear, ear, here, dollars, cents, quarter

Feb 25
back, stack, when, said, would, could, should, get, play, stay, am, each, role,
relationship, responsibility

March 4
came, same, big, do, day, an, at, as, give, dime, nickel, quarter, addition, subtraction, penance

March 20

her, girl, about, old, here, that, went, them, in, why, your, sometimes, always, never

March 27 
Easter, Lent, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred, one thousand, possible, impossible

April 1
look, they, good, had, many, some, cross, Jesus, chance, likely, unlikely, push, pull, load, structure

April 8
bold, fold, sold, knew, new, know, Mary, holy, Easter, told, they, it, bit, fit
continent, strength, stability

April 15, April 21
 true, blue, glue, we, me, she, will, with, fraction, part, whole, half, stations, sacrifice, resurrection

April 28

buy, draw, drew, held, hold, hurt, laugh, talk, think, walk, by, disciple, fifth, quarter, third

May 7

above, around, because, behind below, does, done, far, flew, fly, going, grew, through, very,

May 14

old, told, sold, summer, winter, fall, spring, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, certain, likely, unlikely,

May 21

area, perimeter, habitat, adaptation, skipped, jumped, continued, excited, smell, sell,fell well,too, two,to

May 28
north, south, east, west, trouble, double, bubble, been, seen, fraction, compass, rose, map

had sad glad mad write fantastic long short tall small right left animal habitat plant adaptations

mass capacity hate wait gate late because would should could June July August