September 2019

September News 2019

First Day
Welcome to gr. 2/3!
I'm excited to work with you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns please write me a note in the agenda. I check it every day. Please come to meet the teacher night in September to see your child's new class.
Your child will receive:
-a problem of week book  with a homework problem due every Thursday (will get this the second week of school)
-an agenda, we will write in it every day, spelling words every Monday, if child misses school that day he/she is responsible for spelling words
-important forms that need to be filled out and sent back to school by Friday
Your child needs:
-a backpack and a lunch bag with his/her name on it
(healthy snacks for first snack, no pop please juice or water is preferred)
-indoor shoes, not flip flops or crocs please, something that they can run in for gym
-pencil crayons or markers
-box of kleenex for class is appreciated
-food program orders will start soon, money needs to be in by Tuesday of each week
YOU CAN ALSO JUST GOOGLE St. Mary's school Barrie then look under tab for students teacher websites and just click my name