Classroom Behaviour Plan/Making Good Choices

Making Good Choices

To ensure that our classroom community is a fun and respectful place to learn we will use the Making Good Choices clothes line. Each child will have a clothespin that he/she will keep on the Good Choices line by following classroom rules and procedures, as well as the school rules inside and outside the classroom.

If the child is off task and needs to be reminded of appropriate behaviour, he/she will receive a verbal warning. The second step is his/her clothes pin in the reminder bin. The third step is a time out at recess or at his/her desk. The fourth step is a think note home to be signed. If the child gets a think note, he/she may also be dealing with the principal. If your child's clothespin stays on the line, then he/she gets two stickers for his/her Making Good Choices chart. If he/she gets a reminder or timeout he/she gets one sticker. This is a personal reward chart. When his/her chart is full, he/she will get a prize out of the treasure box of the teacher's choice. Every day his/her clothespin always starts back on the line because every day is a fresh start.

As a class we also work towards a Making Good Choices goal. On Friday every student who stays on the line gets to put in Five cubes. If  the student was off the line one day, then he or she only gets to put in two cubes. Our first goal is 500 cubes. When we reach this goal the students will get freezies and to go to the Far park. As a classroom community we will decide what the children would like to work towards when we reach 600 and 700 cubes. As the year goes on we will make the number in the jar higher. The class also earns cubes when they: work quietly, finish work on time, walk to gym or french quietly etc...
As part of the math program we keep track of the cubes on the board to help with place value and our counting skills.