Mrs. Hanson- Grades 7 and 8

March 2021 

Reports came home on Friday.

The students are working on a Black History Month biography assignment.

Please sign and return math quizzes.  We will be having a math test this week.

Happy birthday this month to Chiara and Dylan!

If there is a snow day, the school will be closed and I will post work on the Google Classroom.

We are continuing our daily mad minute.  Please ask your child how he/she is doing.  We have students from levels 4-22.

If your child is away, I will send them their classwork on google classroom.  I can't send all the classwork this way, but I can send some.  I can't always post at the same time, as I do not know who is going to be away, and some days I only have 20 minutes off between 9 and 1:10.  I will try to post ASAP, but please understand, this isn't always possible.

Grade eight grad photo date: March 30th