Mrs. Hanson- Grades 7 and 8

January 2021 

This is not how we were hoping to start 2021, but here we are.  I have sent parents and students emails to get us set up for online learning this week.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email.

If there is a snow day, the school will be closed and I will post work on the Google Classroom.

We are continuing our daily mad minute.  Please ask your child how he/she is doing.  We have students from levels 4-16.

If your child is away, I will send them their classwork on google classroom.  I can't send all the classwork this way, but I can send some.  I can't always post at the same time, as I do not know who is going to be away, and some days I only have 20 minutes off between 9 and 1:10.  I will try to post ASAP, but please understand, this isn't always possible.