Mrs. Hanson- Grade One

Week of September 27th

Please donate to the Terry Fox Run, if possible, on school day!  We will be doing our walk on Wednesday.
Please donate the Thanksgiving food drive!  

Please fill in the four forms on school-day and the two emergency information forms that came home on Tuesday.

If possible, please make sure your child has a glue stick. I only have 3 to share for the entire class.

Grade One Words: it, in, look, this, my.   Please sign the test books and return them on Monday.  

Please join our three google classrooms:

4fjzw5n - Mendicino

5ptn66f - Levesque

piidlql - Hanson
Important dates:   
September 29th: Terry fox walk/run.                     

September 30th: Truth and Reconciliation day.

Happy birthday this month to Charles, Kevin and Libby!