Mrs. Hanson- Grade 1 and 2

Week of October 14th

There is no school on Monday. 

Friday is PJ day.

Boograms are on sale starting Friday for $2.00.  All money raised will be to help "scare away hunger".

Thank you for donating to the food drive!

Our school mass is on October 23rd.  Our class is helping prepare this mass.  Some students have volunteered to do petitions.  They will be sent home in your child's mailbag.

The Little Caesar fundraiser is due on Monday. Everything is done on line.

Popcorn and milk are on sale daily for $1.00.  You can send the money in your child's lunch bag.  A popcorn/milk cart comes around to our class at second recess.

Thanks for remembering to return books bags daily! 

Our Library day is on Tuesday.  You can return the books whenever you are finished with them.

Spelling words: we, went, on, are, up. 
We will work with these words all week in class and have a quiz on Friday.  Please sign and return spelling test books on Monday.  Thanks to all the parents and students that remembered to return the spelling homework books.

Happy birthday this month to Ryker!