Mrs. Hanson- Grade 1 and 2
Week of October 22nd

Important days this week.
October 23rd: Mass at School.  Some of our students are singing in the choir, doing petitions and bringing up the gifts.  Please come if you are available.
October 26th: PA day (no school).

Please read the note that came home today.  We are going to carve pumpkins and I am looking for volunteers.

Please be sure to go on-line to School-day and fill in the permission form and pay for the Aladdin play.  You can also purchase pizza until December on School-day.  

Our library day will be on Tuesdays this year.  You can send the book back to school whenever you have finished with it.

Word List: you, she, want, his, yes. 
Please sign and return the spelling test books on Monday.

Spelling homework books came home on Monday.  The instructions are in the front of the book.  We have been doing these exact jobs weekly.  Please return the books by Friday.

 â€‹Happy birthday this month to Mia!