Mrs. Hanson- Grade 1 and 2
Week of April 23rd.

Weather permitting - Thursday is yard clean up day for our class.
Friday is a PA day.  There is no school.

FYI: Our field trip to Tiffin is booked for June 15th.  Three classes are going - so if you are interested in coming, you will have to drive yourself.  Also you need to have a police record on file on the school. 

Spelling homework books: Please read the instructions glued in the front cover of the books. Spelling homework is due on Fridays.

Math homework books: Please complete the page and return the books on Friday.

Our library day is Tuesday!

Spelling words:  We will work with these words all week and have a quiz on Friday.  
List One: colour, blue, black, purple, white.
List Two: stand, print, drink, wrong, long, thing, land, think, kind, hand.