Mrs. Hanson- Grade 1
Week of March 27th

Our Easter food drive is still on.  Please donate if possible. We are also collecting used batteries.  

A box of chocolate bars came home with the oldest child on Friday.   A pink newsletter came home to explain this fundraiser. This is the biggest fundraiser for the school.  We receive $45.00 for every box of chocolate sold.  Thank you for your support.

Mad minute:  Your child will do a daily 2 minute test and will move on the next level when they complete the test perfectly three times.  Children are already on level 12!  Way to go.  To help your child please practice simple addition.

Grade one: zero, one, two, three, four.
Grade two: help, felt, kept, perfect, jump, here, year, work, say, learn.

​Homework comes home and Monday and is due on Fridays.  If you have any concerns about the homework - please let me know.