Mrs. Hanson- Grade 1 and 2
Week of November 12th

I am going to try and benchmark all the students this week, so I will have an up to date reading level for conferences.  New books won't be coming home until I am done.  Please have your child reread the books in his/her book bag.  Your child needs to be reading a PM16 at the end of grade one.  They should hopefully be a PM 5 or higher at this point in the year.

On the November newsletter, I mentioned that I was doing a unit on numeration this month.  We will do numeration, but we will also do a unit on geometry.  

Important days this week

Wednesday 14th: Progress reports go home.
Thursday 15th: Conferences after school.
Friday 16th: PA day - no school - conferences.

I'd like to welcome Ms. Pereria to our class.  She is a student teacher and she will be working with us for the next five weeks.  She will also be sitting in on our conferences later this week.  I hope she enjoys her time in our class.

Word List: have, going, come, will, all. 

Please sign and return the spelling test books on Monday.

Spelling homework books came home on Monday.  The instructions are in the front of the book.  We have been doing these exact jobs weekly.  Please return the books by Friday.

 ​We have no birthdays in November.