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St. Mary's School
340 Leacock Drive
Barrie ON L4N 6J8
fax: 726-2082

Mrs. K. Penrose

Office Administrator:
Mrs. K. Byles

Contact us

School Trustee:
Ms. C. Positano
ext. 347

8:50 am Classes begin
1st nutritional break
10:50 - 11:10
(20 minutes to eat)
11:10 - 11:30
(20 minutes outside)
2nd nutritional break
1:10 - 1:30
(20 minutes to eat)
1:30 - 1:50
(20 minutes outside)
3:10 pm Dismissal

MCThe staff of St. Mary’s Catholic School would like to wish each and every one of you a joy filled Advent and a Blessed and Holy Christmas season.  May this blessed and joyous season be filled with happiness and good health. Remember that the best gift you can give your child(ren) this Christmas is to celebrate the Jesus side of Christmas and celebrate His birth by going to Mass as a family.  Jesus is truly the reason for the season!  Enjoy those exceptional Christmas moments with your children during the winter break. For those who are traveling over the holidays, may God bless your travels and return you to the safety of your home.
Have a Blessed Advent, a joy-filled Christmas, and a hopeful New Year!
God Bless, Mrs. Penrose

proceduresSCHOOL PROCEDURES...read more>
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Witnessing Christ Through Love and Service
themeEvery year, our board chooses a theme to serve as an inspiration for our school and board office communities. The theme for the 2014- 2015 school year is Witnessing Christ through love and service. This theme serves to remind us that as witnesses to the loving acts of Jesus we must also strive to live like He did. We can do this through our acts of love and service as taught by the Gospels. This year we will make our theme come alive through actions that demonstrate who we are as followers of Jesus.

REMINDER!! qsp Please read>

Remember to dine at Boston Pizza to help raise money for our school!  
The fundraising program is a perfect way for teachers, school families and the entire St. Mary's Community to get involved and raise funds for specific school-related initiatives, such as supplies, athletics, events and infrastructure.  Read more>

safetyThe amount of school traffic during drop off and pick up times, combined with possible exposure to dangerous driver behaviour can put children at risk.  St. Mary’s School is designated as a ‘walking school’, stipulating children walk to and from school.  Many parents choose to drive their child, however, encouraging students to be active by walking to school is better for their health and better for the environment.  The reduction in cars in the school parking lot reduces the risk of accidents and children will be easier to see.  Read more>

Our School is in Central Zone
Cancellation Information

North Zone
No Cancellations
South Zone
No Cancellations
Central Zone
No Cancellations
West Zone
No Cancellations

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